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Thursday 22 December 2022
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21 December

Dear all,

As 2022 comes to a close, so do the celebrations of CMI’s 75th Anniversary. It’s been a brilliant year with so much happening on all fronts. Take a look back with us at some of the best bits:


In the new year we’ll be launching CMI’s first ever brand campaign – which will show what a positive difference career confidence can make – as well as taking a closer look at shaping the future of apprenticeships, which will be vital to the UK’s future productivity. Stay tuned.

With all best wishes into 2023,



9 December

Dear all, 

You can now watch the highlights from this year’s CMI President’s Dinner, including all the 2022 CMI Awards, on this highlights reel. Stunning stuff! 

Our inaugural Chartered Management Consultant of the Year award winner, Susannah Lindsay ChMC, is the subject of a profile this week. Congratulations to all our candidates and winners. (Meet them here.)

CMI shaping the agenda

CMI’s Managers Voice polls are picking up some interesting trends. At the moment we’re exploring managers’ views on the Autumn Statement; whether hybrid working is working as well as it should; gender pay gap reporting; and initiatives to support women through the menopause. If you’d like to offer up your  views – and see these regularly reported in the media – it’s easy to sign up.

This great piece in The Times by CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke OBE offers advice to managers questioning the value of team meetings.

Your new CMI member magazine issue is here!

How do leaders react at a time of traumatic change and uncertainty? Many CMI members won’t have been through a time like this before. In your second all-digital member magazine, we go deep: 

  • How does volatility affect us? 
  • Do you have what it takes for an era of inflation, geopolitical risk and technological disruption? 
  • What sort of leadership skills do you need? 

We’ve got amazing stories, economic analysis and practical insights right here (note, you need to be a CMI member to access this member benefit).

Celebrating volunteers

We couldn’t let International Volunteers Day on 5 December pass without a heartfelt thank-you to our own CMI volunteers. Our CMI Regional Boards across the UK and Asia-Pacific region are run entirely by brilliant groups of volunteers – such as this year’s Volunteer of the Year, Professor Dilshad Sheikh CMBE CMgr CCMI, chair of CMI West Midlands & North West. 

Dilshad and the other shortlisted Volunteer of the Year candidates – Olivia Hamill fCMgr MCMI, events lead, CMI Northern Ireland; Derek Choi MCMI, secretary and events lead, CMI Hong Kong; and Carl Andrew CMgr FCMI, deputy chair & finance lead, CMI North East, Yorkshire & Humberside –  are just some of the members of the CMI volunteer community making a huge impact towards better management and leadership around the world. 

As CMI’s chief executive, Ann Francke OBE CMgr CCMI, says: “your kind contribution helps to create confident, competent, inclusive leaders who will deliver a better future. Together.” Thank you.

Helping the economy to grow

CMI research shows that firms that are committed to management and leadership training deliver better results all round. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Small Business Charter in supporting alumni of the government’s Help to Grow: Management course. This partnership will enable time-poor small business leaders who have completed their Help To Grow training to continue their leadership skills journey with six months’ free membership, giving them access to CMI’s wealth of management resources. CMI is also offering a discounted rate to Alumni Network members who want to complete the Chartered Manager assessment.

The Everyone Economy

The third Everyone Economy regional roadshow took place at Northumbria University recently – it’s great to see the message carrying around the UK!

One of the report’s co-authors, CMI’s policy & innovation manager Hamish Shah, spoke recently at the Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGPP) conference on disability inclusion in the workplace, on five key actions for leaders that will help make the workplace more inclusive.

On this subject, the latest CMI Workplace in Review documentary explores how managers can (and must) reframe their mindset around disability. As Dr Alice Maynard CBE CMgr CCMI says in the film: “It’s not my medical condition that disables me, it's the structures and behaviours and attitudes in society”. 

In a similar vein, Paul Wilden CMgr CCMI, a hugely successful financial professional, explores the complex issues around intersectionality in a great article this week. 

Engaging employees

Managers play a hugely important role in making employees feel supported and engaged at work. Anthony Painter, CMI’s director of policy and external affairs, was this week quoted in a People Management article on the need to upskill managers to be able to confidently support their diverse employees.

A new WorkL report reveals that workers from a minority background have a higher risk of leaving their current role and a significantly higher wellbeing risk. Data from CMI’s Inclusivity Illusion report was used in an FE News article to show the difference that management and leadership make.

House of the Dragon meets Qatar 2022

And to prove that management and leadership make a difference everywhere, check out two new stories we release this week:

Best wishes for the festive season,

Matt Roberts


23 November 

Dear all,

It’s been a big week. At the CMI President’s Dinner, we presented our CMI Gold Medal to Dame Sharon White DBE; and our Lifetime Achievement award to Sir Trevor Phillips OBE. These two role-model leaders have built careers on being values-driven with the confidence to stand up for what they believe to be right. 

We also revealed our Chartered Manager of the year, Student of the Year, and our first ever Chartered Management Consultant of the Year: Susannah Lindsay, senior consultant at IBM Consulting.

Each CMI 2022 award-winner has a stunning story to tell, I really do encourage you to spend a few minutes finding out about them.

A skills and productivity problem

The UK’s economic model is faltering badly. Public services are bowing under demand pressures. Productivity weaknesses are long-standing. In recent CMI polling, more than 70% of managers report skills gaps in their organisations.

 The solutions are complex and, all too often, aspirations for the whole skills system are increasingly loaded onto a single pillar: the apprenticeship system. 

Five years on from the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy (which applies UK-wide though the devolved nations adopt different approaches to its use), CMI has produced a major report with the University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC). 

The Future of the Apprenticeships Levy: Raising Productivity and Delivering Economic Growth argues that, while there some are calling for a “skills levy” to replace the Apprenticeships Levy, what’s needed is fine-tuning and careful reform. CMI’s research also shows the productivity-boosting effects of higher level apprenticeships,

If you’re short of time, here’s the executive summary or you can read this article for the Learning and Work Institute by CMI’s director of policy and external affairs Anthony Painter.

Trickle-down down down

The cost-of-living crisis is having trickle-down effects – and not in a good way. CMI’s recent Manager’s Voice poll shows employers struggling to recruit despite a slowing economy. This is having a negative impact on their productivity and the morale of existing staff who are battling to keep up with the workload. The message is clear: employers should be focused on upskilling. This research was covered in the Daily Express, Daily Star and The i (print) and on Share Radio.

Building the “Everyone Economy”

The Everyone Economy is CMI’s plan for sharing work, opportunity and success. As part of CMI’s 75th anniversary, we hosted two regional roadshows in Exeter and Edinburgh on “Delivering the Everyone Economy”. Our research was featured in a UFI VocTech Trust article on the importance of investing in skills to boost economic growth.

CMI's research showing skills shortages were affecting businesses' bottom line and staff's ability to cope was covered by business-focused Share Radio in its news bulletins.

CMI confidence

Earlier this year we undertook a project to find out what our members most value about CMI membership. The answer was: it provides them with career confidence. We’ll share more about this in the weeks to come; for now, some new confidence-building articles:

Have a good week!

Matt Roberts


9 November

Dear all,

Here’s an important question: how confident are you at noticing when a colleague is struggling – and getting them to open up? It’s an important, difficult skill for managers and one that CMI is exploring in this Men's Health Awareness Month

Three times as many men as women die by suicide according to the Mental Health Foundation, so it’s incredibly important for managers to be able to spot signals and assist male colleagues. We have put together some expert advice, which I strongly encourage you to explore. If managers stay on the lookout for changes in behaviour and feel confident in encouraging them to open up, we can start to change the culture.

CMI documentaries

CMI’s latest documentary covers a subject that’s often ignored. Ageism is said to be “the last bastion of acceptable prejudice” so, as part of our 75th anniversary research into the barriers that still remain to create fair, inclusive workplaces, our team has assembled some practical steps that leaders and managers everywhere can take for positive action. 

(Watch the previous films on ethnicity, socio-economic background and gender and keep an eye out for CMI’s disability documentary film to be released on 16 November.)

CMI in the news


This week we released a report together with the University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC) with key policy recommendations regarding the future of the UK’s apprenticeship system, including fine-tuning and expanding of the already-existing Apprenticeship Levy. Our findings have been picked up by FE Week and Personnel Today. 

CMI’s recommendations are designed to boost UK productivity – our data shows that businesses using higher level management apprenticeships experience average productivity gains of £7,000 per apprentice over the course of the apprenticeship. 

Apprenticeships are also vital to addressing skills gaps; as Ronan Harte, chief executive officer of BaxterStorey (which has recently welcomed its largest cohort of degree apprentices!), said: growing talent within your organisation “creates the best future leaders”.

You can read our recommendations for the future of the Apprenticeship Levy in full here

Hair discrimination

CMI data was cited in a Guardian article on the problem of hair discrimination in workplaces, public spaces and educational settings, with Black workers believing they had sometimes been overlooked for employment opportunities due to their hairstyles.

The new PM

The UK has a new prime minister, and Management Today asked a number of business leaders, including our own CEO Ann Francke, what they want from Rishi Sunak (the first UK PM with an MBA!):

“It is essential the UK has sound economic management after a period of enormous turbulence. We know that Rishi Sunak is aware of the need to address the UK’s chronic skills shortage and to invest in people and lifelong learning if the country is to turn an economic corner and achieve long-term stability. This has to be one of the very highest priorities for any incoming prime minister. Closing skills gaps and providing people, regardless of their age or stage in their working lives, with the chance to gain the higher level, technical qualifications needed for the jobs of tomorrow is vital. Sound management skills will be essential to improving the UK’s productivity”

CMI Companion Jo Owen CMgr CCMI has also shared his thoughts. He agrees that, in the words of Cabinet minister Michael Gove, “we need boring back” – and that means “more management and less leadership”. Do you agree?

Leadership insights

We’ve released some new CMI management and leadership insights:



19 October

Dear all, 

We started October reflecting backwards by coming together on 5 October for the CMI AGM. It’s been an incredible year: unlike many membership organisations, our numbers are rising; we introduced our management bursary scheme to support 75 managers with their development (most of which have now started their courses!) – the list goes on. If you haven’t yet, you can explore more details in the 2022 Annual Report. The CMI team and I are very much looking forward to doing much more on behalf of you and other members of the CMI community as we move into 2023 and beyond.

Looking forwards…

Another highlight of the past year has been the work we have done to mark our 75th Anniversary – which, as you may know, has culminated in The Everyone Economy

CMI’s policy and innovation manager, Hamish Shah, published a brilliant article in collaboration with the Fawcett Society this week distilling the report’s main take-aways. Similarly, Jules Bennington, CMI’s policy and innovation officer, wrote a piece for FE News using research from The Everyone Economy, highlighting the need for managers and leaders to bridge the say–do gap if we are to tackle workplace disparities and to deliver change. 

This is a message that particularly resonates with the theme of this year’s Black History Month: “Time for Change: Action Not Words”. Indeed, at CMI we are firmly of the opinion that action is not just something for one month of the year; as we explain in an insight article this week, it’s time for every manager to be taking anti-racist action every day if we are to move the dial. 

The message of The Everyone Economy is that these sorts of positive actions don’t just do good, they can also really benefit performance. For instance, with greater racial and ethnic diversity, companies outperform others by 36%. 

We explored some of the real-life bursts of innovation and inspiration that D&I can ignite in the latest edition of the CMI Magazine – read it here

You can also hear more about this from CMI’s head of policy and innovation, Daisy Hooper, who will be speaking at the PrOPEL Hub conference in November around the role of workplace practice in the UK’s productivity puzzle. Listen in to Daisy as part of a discussion panel on 16 November at 12:15 GMT; explore the full programme and register to attend (for free!) here on Eventbrite.

The next phase

We will be bringing the next phase of The Everyone Economy project to you: join us at one of our upcoming in-person CMI Roadshow events to hear political and business leaders explore how you can boost productivity and competitive advantage through inclusion. Next up is Huddersfield on Monday 7 November; Exeter on Tuesday 8 November and Edinburgh on Thursday 10 November. Learn more and book your place here.


Just a note to members in the APAC region: we have a new LinkedIn page to help keep you up to date with what’s happening in your local areas. Do take a look and follow.

Plus, don’t forget to check out our latest insights this week:

In closing, to those of you celebrating next week, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and safe Diwali from all of us at CMI.

Kind regards,

(And don’t forget to check out your latest member magazine!)

Matt Roberts


5 October

Dear all,

Around the world, leaders are facing huge challenges. They need to rebuild organisations and public services post-Covid, but the backdrop is forbidding: sharply rising inflation, interest rates, energy prices, and a tight workforce who often have many changed priorities. 

CMI’s own leadership has been at the Conservative and Labour Party Conferences in the UK in the past two weeks. As well as listening keenly to the plans for the economy, we’ve been pointing out to the UK government (and others) that supply-side issues such as skills development and training will be integral to future success. Our core argument is summed up in this New Statesman article, titled “Why economic growth needs the right leaders”. 

Making the case for management

In fact we’re making this case for confident, skilled management and leadership right across the media: 

  • This important piece by Anjli Raval in the Financial Times describes the fierce competition that organisations face to retain talent – and how managers and leaders can counteract it. A big thanks to all CMI members who took part in the Managers Voice survey that underpinned the research.
  • The Guardian and City AM (page 6) took up CMI research on the impact of hybrid working on women’s careers
  • CMI’s director of policy and external affairs Anthony Painter featured on Sky News' Ian King show, discussing the reaction to the UK government’s mini-budget. 
  • Stepping back from short-term volatilities, CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke made this powerful argument in Forbes: that commercial success, the ability to retain talent and make good business decisions, comes down to whether you leverage the full capacity of your people. “Too little effort [has been] devoted to communicating the benefits of greater equity for organizations and employees.” 

CMI’s new magazine is live!

CMI’s new-look magazine (you need to be signed in to view it) makes a similar case: that your organisation’s ability to stay competitive depends on whether it leverages all talent. 

We’ve gathered some compelling stories to explore this theme – from Tesco to the cast of It’s a Sin; from the England men’s football team to Mastercard. There’s a taster video here

We really hope you enjoy the new magazine. We’d love to get your feedback.

Black History Month

CMI has been engaged with the issues around race and employment for many years. In 1984, as the British Institute of Management, we lobbied that it should be mandatory for employers to keep records of the ethnic mix of their workforce and applicants. In recent years we’ve formed CMI Race and encouraged organisations to moving the dial on race. In The Everyone Economy CMI argues that ethnically diverse organisations outperform those that are less diverse. We tell some of those stories in The Workplace in Review: Ethnicity film

During Black History Month 2022 CMI is continuing to make the case for organisations in which everyone’s talent – no matter their race – is able to thrive. 

The Everyone Economy roadshow

The Everyone Economy is CMI’s plan for sharing work, opportunity and success, and in November we’ll be leading a UK roadshow amplifying the messages around the campaign. More news to follow, but we hope to meet many CMI members.

We wish you a positive week ahead.

All the best,



21 September

Dear all,

The death of Queen Elizabeth will have affected many CMI members deeply. One CMI Companion, the author Jo Owen, expressed his thoughts to us like this:

The death of the Queen is a reminder to us all that we will be remembered not for what we claim to have achieved, but for what we are like. We are all role models for better or for worse. Think back to some of your past bosses, and you will struggle to remember if they beat budgets back in any given year, but you will remember vividly what they were like to work with. The huge crowds which have quietly and respectfully attended the ceremony for the Queen's funeral is a tribute to the way she conducted herself in 70 years of public service. 

In any role, you will focus mostly on what you must achieve this week, month or year. That is necessary. But that is not how you will be remembered by friends and colleagues. If you want to be remembered well, always wear the mask of leadership: show the world the leader you want to be. Leadership, like monarchy, is not just about performance: it is a performance. If you can sustain that performance for 70 years, like the Queen, that will be a truly remarkable achievement.

I’d like to thank Jo for these thoughts and wish you all well after a difficult period. 

A new CMI Magazine is on its way

Next week sees the launch of CMI’s new all-digital magazine. A huge amount of time and energy have gone into creating it and we’d love to know what you think. Keep your eyes out…

New stories for this week

I hope you have a good week, thanks for all your support, as always, 

Kind regards, 



7 September

Dear all, 

With students returning to schools and universities, it appears companies are also pushing employees to return to their desks. CMI’s CEO Ann Francke was quoted in the FT's big read this week on how employers could be fighting a losing battle: “[Employees] know flexible working works and they will resent you for telling them they need to be at the office.” 

Our director of policy, Anthony Painter, was also quoted in a separate FT piece on how navigating the complexities of this issue and maximising the best of both worlds has become the big management question of the moment.

It's a particularly important issue to the new generation entering the workforce, reports one of our CMI Companions, Bob Wigley CMgr CCMI – who met a Gen Z entrepreneur every day for a year, and shared some of his fascinating findings with us. Check them out here

With the ever-changing employment landscape, managers & leaders and organisations will need to adapt to survive – especially in the face of climate change and economic uncertainty. This was a topic tackled by a group of CMI Companions, who recently concluded that boards need fresh, expert perspectives and longer-term thinking to stay competitive. Learn more here, and stay tuned for the upcoming issue of CMI Magazine, discussing the importance of EDI best-practice in the evolving workplace.

If you need something to listen to, whether on your commute or at home, Ann also featured on the Evening Standard’s How to be a CEO podcast last week, discussing how “there are now five generations in the workplace”, and how the young can teach the old a few tricks. Find it wherever you get your podcasts! 

Finally, don’t miss out on our other brilliant insights for you this week:

Wishing you a productive start to the new academic year – whether you’re a student or not!

Best wishes,



24 August

Dear all,

I hope you’re having a good week.

There’s an interesting debate beginning about employees who are keen to get back in front of their managers in order to save their jobs. CMI’s Anthony Painter has commented about this in The Telegraph. With inflation, interest rates and household bills rising, many people are feeling financially squeezed. What will this mean for flexible working? Will it mean a return to presenteeism?

We’ll be tracking this debate and would love your views, too. Please get in touch.

We also want your views on how best to call out unacceptable behaviour. This is a tough but important management challenge. What’s the best way to go about it?

CMI has argued strongly for the benefits of flexible working. CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke OBE spoke to The Times Radio making the case that hybrid working is a fundamental change in our working lives. In this interview, she also argues that hybrid working is linked to “levelling up” and should be a feature of the “everyone economy”.

We’ve put together an exciting set of new stories for CMI members this week:

One more thing. We’ve just released our latest Workplace in Review documentary. It’s a powerful piece of work, focused on how managers can cultivate gender inclusion. I really recommend it!

May I wish you a good week ahead. There are many difficult challenges facing managers and leaders right now. Please know that CMI is right alongside you and we’ll offer support wherever we can.

Kind regards,

Matt Roberts


10 August

Dear all,

Like many people around the country, I watched with anticipation – and increasing excitement – as England’s women’s football team took home the European Cup. It was a bright spot among gloomy economic news and continuing cost of living challenges – see our latest Economic Briefing for more on that. It also offers some lessons that managers and leaders can take on board.

The England women’s squad’s manager Sarina Wiegman helped the team to bring football home. What is the secret to her effective leadership? It has to be the people factor. 

Like Wiegman, Chartered Manager of the Year nominee Riwilo Masulani knows the power of people. He took on extra work at the Environment Agency to help diversify its workforce, to ensure that the Agency was delivering its absolute best service to the various communities across the country. Don’t miss the story behind his nomination.

If you want to bring similar change to your organisation, our webinars on driving transformation and improving diversity can help. Plus, learn more about what managers, leaders and employers should be doing to encourage and cultivate gender inclusion in the workplace in our latest The Workplace in Review documentary – take a 20-minute tea break and watch it here.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

On 22 June, we let you know about our new Management Diagnostics Tool, designed to help you determine your skills gaps. For those that missed it, the tool is a quick and easy way for any manager to self-assess their knowledge, skills and experience against CMI’s Management & Leadership Professional Standard.

When you use the tool, you then receive a fully personalised learning plan, packed with resources tailored to you and your ‘areas for improvement’. You can repeat the process again and again to see how your skills are growing – and how you are becoming a better manager. Don’t take my word for it – read about one manager’s journey using the tool as a guide.

Perhaps whoever ends up becoming our next Prime Minister could take a look too? No matter what happens, it’s clear that leaders can learn some lessons in trust from the process.

Job switching – the Beyonce effect

Within 24 hours of the release of Beyoncé’s new song ‘Break my soul’ at the end of June 2022, the search query “how to resign” had jumped by 350%, while “great resignation” had skyrocketed by a shocking 1,550%.

With so many people switching roles, CMI Chief Executive Ann Francke offers her tips in The Times on how to leave a job without burning any bridges. We also have some great articles on switching jobs that could help you land the right role and make an immediate positive impact.

Have a great week!



20 July

Dear all,

I hope you have all been coping with the record temperatures across the world this week. On Monday, our director of policy, Anthony Painter, was live on the BBC discussing the heatwave and its impact on the workplace (watch him here). 

It certainly hammers home how important the world’s net zero goals are for the future of our planet. If this is a topic that interests you, don’t miss our Creating a net zero economy event on Wednesday 27 July.

Last week, Anthony also published an op-ed in Politics Home about how making the most of all our talent is the answer to reducing vacancies and closing skills gaps – the central message of our Everyone Economy report. 

On this topic, we recently spoke to one company in hospitality, an industry which has been hit particularly hard over the past few years. The company in question has ultimately halved its number of vacancies by making a point of prioritising people ahead of the bottom line. Learn more about their experience here.

Skill seekers – these are for you

Anthony was also quoted in the Sunday Post this week in an article discussing graduates’ struggles with employability after lockdown. At CMI, we have seen a rise in both students seeking further training, as well as more education institutions embedding management skills in a wider range of courses. It’s something we focused on in our Work Ready Graduates report.

If employability is something you’re thinking about, our new Management Diagnostic tool will help you identify your strengths and any skill gaps, as well as creating a personalised development plan tailored to you – whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional. Check it out now if you haven’t already.

We’ve also got some brilliant skill-boosting articles this week:

You Decide!

Finally, we have the results from our latest You Decide debate – Emojis in the workplace. You said they’re fine – apart from in one context… 

Stay safe, 



6 July

Dear all,

All of us at CMI were extremely proud last week to announce the launch of The Everyone Economy report, CMI’s plan for sharing work, opportunity and success to mark our 75th anniversary. 

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who contributed to our research into the six key areas of workplace diversity over the year thus far, which has been the foundation for the report.

Our research found that, despite workplaces embracing EDI initiatives, there is a large ‘say–do gap’ – and minoritised groups still feel overlooked and face a range of challenges every day. Not only is this a moral call to action, but utilising all the talent and perspectives in our workforce is vital for economic recovery and resilience.

Since the release, the report’s findings have been covered in the press all over the world – from The Guardian and the FT to the Asian Times and Bloomberg. You can also watch Anthony Painter, CMI’s director of policy and external affairs, discuss the findings with Bloomberg Surveillance.

But the launch is not the end; this is just the beginning

We want to stress that it’s not just on leaders and C-suites to carry the torch – but on managers everywhere, at every level. That’s why The Everyone Economy calls on every single manager, leader and organisation to step up and take action. 

In fact, there’s one action that we’d love you to take right now: make a pledge. Pledge that you as a manager or leader will work on at least one of the five key actions from the report to help break down the barriers that prevent diverse talent from rising in your workplace. Signal your commitment and spread the word to other managers about what needs to be done by liking and sharing these posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can find tips on creating a more inclusive workplace in some of our latest articles:

Plus, don’t miss these: 

I’m certainly making The Everyone Economy pledge – and I hope you will too. 



22 June

Dear all, 

I do hope you haven’t been too badly affected by this week’s rail strikes in the UK. In general, as CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke told the Financial Times, “Most of our members now have hybrid working as the norm, which means that the strikes are nowhere near as disruptive as they would have been three years ago.” CMI also spoke to the BBC and Times Radio (from 00:17.28) about the strikes. 

CMI’s 75th-anniversary launch

This week is a big moment when we release our 75th-anniversary report, “The Everyone Economy”. We’d love you to join us online for the launch. Please register here – Everyone’s welcome!  

Is inclusivity an illusion?

New CMI research released this week reveals that many Black and Asian workers believe they have been overlooked for employment opportunities. The Guardian, quoting CMI, pointed to “complacency within UK organisations that is a barrier to future economic performance and organisational success”. 

For a quick skim of our research, check out ITV News’ nice Instagram coverage.

New member benefit: CMI’s new Management Diagnostic tool

Do your management skills, knowledge and experience meet the Professional Standard? Where are your gaps? How can you best fill them? 

These are the big questions that conscious leaders ask themselves every day. And now – drum roll! – you can answer them. CMI’s new Management Diagnostic tool is a new member benefit that will diagnose skills gaps, supply support to fill them, and is a personalised CPD programme that you can use to check against to show how you’re growing and the real value of CPD.

Here’s a quick video explainer. We’ll be covering this in a lot more depth in the coming weeks. If you’d like to test it out and share your own findings, get in touch

The Chartered Managers of the Year

Who will be this year’s Chartered Manager of the Year? The shortlist for this year’s award is out, and it’s a belter! This year’s candidates come from sectors ranging from education to counter terrorism – and you can meet all six of them here.

The winner will be announced at the prestigious President's Awards in November.

Finally, we’ve worked up some great new stories for you this week:

Have a good week, I hope it’s not too much of a travel struggle. 

Kind regards



8 June

Dear all,

I hope you are well and for those in the UK I hope you had an enjoyable Jubilee weekend. We’ve got some amazing updates for you this week.

Firstly, Alison Rose CMgr CCMI – CEO of NatWest Group, a regular CMI contributor and winner of CMI’s Gold Medal Award 2021 – was recently the subject of a BBC News interview. Do take a look!

Alison also spoke brilliantly at the first-ever CMI Women conference, which took place on 19 May. If you were there, whether in person or online, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. One of the most powerful takeaways for me was that it’s on all of us to drive change. We summed up some of our speakers’ key calls to action so you can start implementing them today. Take a look here.

If you missed the conference, make sure to explore the calls to action above and take five minutes to enjoy the highlights reel. If you’ve got more time, you can watch the full version of the virtual conference here (from 27 min).

The longlist is out!

The wait is over: the longlist for our 2022 Management Book of the Year award is here. In the next few Better Managers newsletters, we’ll be introducing you properly to the longlisted titles and their perspective-changing ideas.

This year, there are four categories, and this week, we’re diving into the first category, Diversity and Inclusion. Don’t miss it!

Celebrating Pride

Data from our recent 75th anniversary research paper, covering sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace, has been picked up by a number of news outlets, including FE News and People Management, highlighting the worrying lack of support for LGBTQ+ employees. 

“Pride month is a good time to reflect on progress for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ employees,” said CMI’s CEO, Ann Francke OBE. “These poll findings show how far there still is to go, and there are worrying levels of complacency about the change in culture still required in many organisations… Action in this area is now more crucial than ever.”

One easy win for organisations is around the way you use language in the workplace. That’s why this week we’ve published an article explaining what managers need to know about pronouns – why they’re important, how they’re used and how they signify allyship to the LGBTQ+ community. There are also some practical ideas in there for making space for pronouns in your organisation. Check it out here, and you can also learn more at our Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Workplace hub.

Our latest 75th anniversary research paper on Age in the workplace has just been released today, and we look forward to seeing it picked up and provoking more discussion; I recommend reading the targeted actions on page 10 in particular. The final paper, this time on Disability in the workplace, will be released soon.

Deeper insights

We were also pleased to see further coverage of CMI’s inflation and pay rise data over the Jubilee weekend. We’ve found that most British employers are bumping salaries by an average of 2.8% to help with the cost of living crisis. This research was cited in the Telegraph (both online and in print), the Daily Mail and the Express.

Besides that, we’ve got plenty more new insights for you:

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18 May

Dear all,

We’re really excited for our CMI Women conference tomorrow, and you can still grab yourself an online ticket (free for members). It promises to be a powerful and insightful event discussing ways to build equitable, inclusive, diverse and successful workplaces. You can learn more here, and we hope to see you there.

Ahead of the conference, we were pleased to see our gender research covered by the Financial Times this week (among others). Our findings showed that a significant number of men think too much effort is being focused on gender balance in the workplace.

Ann Francke, chief executive of CMI, commented: “Sexist remarks directed at Amanda Blanc, CEO of Aviva, at their AGM are just this week’s highly public example of the inequalities that exist at every level of organisations. Men have the potential to be great allies in achieving gender balance. But there has been too little effort devoted to communicating the enormous benefits that greater equity offers, including for better business and organisational performance as all talent is better developed and deployed.”

And as if to prove this point, CMI’s research has also found that having a child is the primary driver for the differential experience of work and exclusion from opportunity for women.

Elsewhere in the news, our finding that 89 per cent of managers are in favour of ongoing hybrid working was picked up by The Times, with our director of policy Anthony Painter commenting that: ​​“All the old arguments about the need to be in the office for five days a week have crumbled during the pandemic.” This is particularly relevant as new data points to the idea that Britain is embracing hybrid and remote working to a much greater degree than the rest of the world.

Get ready for CMI’s Management Book of the Year 2022!

As well as our conference tomorrow, another great source of fresh ideas is CMI’s Management Book of the Year competition, where we identify some great reads to inspire great leaders. The longlist is out next week, and it’s a cracker! Just to show you the calibre of the insights within, you can feast on this extract from last year’s winner, Jacob Morgan’s The Future Leader: 9 skills and mindsets to succeed in the next decade.

Our latest discussion paper

As part of CMI’s 75th anniversary programme, we’ve been taking a closer look at some of the key areas where managers and leaders can help their organisations make the most of the true potential in the workforce. Check out our latest discussion paper, Disability in the Workplace, in which we take a look at the findings from our research on disabled workers and the steps managers and leaders can take to create truly inclusive workplaces.

Thank you for your thoughts and contributions

Our latest Managers Voice findings reveal how skyrocketing costs have been affecting the finances of managers, their employees and their organisations. More than a third of you said you would need to ask for a pay rise beyond a basic pay award to meet the rising cost of living. Here’s a summary of what the CMI community said.

Of course, this is just one of many shockwaves affecting managers right now, so we’ve prepared this deep dive into change management to help you navigate this period of supply chain shock, price rises and volatility.

Another topic that we have heard being discussed among managers and leaders recently is the best day to head to the office. We want to know your thoughts. Here’s some food for thought.

We’ve had a number of members sharing their insights this week, including:

We also have the fascinating story of Ahsan Gulabkhan CMgr, who told us how he had to step up to ensure the survival of Virgin Atlantic through two of the most difficult years in its existence.

If there’s a topic that’s close to your heart which you’d like to write or be interviewed about, contact us on

Finally, don’t forget that applications for our CMI bursary close at the end of this month. Find out how to apply here.

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4 May

Dear all,

I hope those of you in the UK were able to have a restful bank holiday last weekend. 

Around the world, the cost of living crisis is deepening and will present serious challenges to managers and leaders. CMI’s director of policy and external affairs Anthony Painter highlighted the likely impacts in the Financial Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and The Times. “We've not really seen the full effects of the Ukraine conflict filter through yet, and it's clear that pressure is mounting across the board and there are undoubtedly some rocky times ahead,” he said. “Businesses face a potential downtick in wider consumer confidence, and higher prices for materials, supply chain issues and higher production costs”. 

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and CMI will be showcasing many resources for managers and leaders. Here are two fresh insights we’ve developed for you:

CMI’s CEO Ann Francke OBE spoke about issues related to hybrid working and others in an interview with Times Radio on 22 April.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

For LGBTQ+ workers, discrimination or bullying aimed at their sexual orientation or gender identity can stop them being their authentic selves at work. Here, managers can play a vital role. This week we’ve written a powerful new article, “How to be an LGBTQ+ ally as a manager”. I hope you find it useful. You’ll also find resources and a new discussion paper here

Disability pay gap

The ONS in the UK has released new figures on the disability pay gap, revealing that disabled people’s earnings lie nearly 12% lower than their colleagues. It’s really disappointing to see this persistent gap and little sign of improvement. As CMI’s director of policy and external affairs Anthony Painter, says: “It’s the duty of managers and leaders to remove barriers that hold disabled people back and for employers to ensure they are trained to do so. Deliberate steps to address pay gaps are essential if a narrowing of the pay gap is to be achieved.”

CMI will continue to look into the barriers that hold back disabled people as part of our 75th anniversary work

Socio-economic background

Also as part of our 75th anniversary work, CMI has investigated how class and socio-economic background still influence people’s career and life chances.

More new insights

And, finally:

May I wish you a good week ahead, do let us know if we can help in any way. 

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20 April

Dear all,

Important new research by CMI shows that most organisations are not planning to award inflation-matching pay rises. This will present big challenges to managers who will have to find inventive ways to retain, motivate and support staff through the cost-of-living crisis. Here’s The Times coverage of CMI’s exclusive research. A big thanks to all CMI members who took part in the survey and pushed forward this debate. 

Chartered Manager of the Year

Who’s your Chartered Manager of the Year? The deadline for nominations is 1 May and we’d love to hear your stories. Here’s the inspirational Simon Cyhanko, last year’s winner. 

CMI Women Conference

How can you be an organisational entrepreneur? What’s the role of kindness in leadership? And what’s the life of a modern female MP really like? These are just some of the stories you’ll hear at this year’s CMI Women Conference on 19 May 2022. The full agenda is now released and tickets are available today

Sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace

As part of CMI’s 75th anniversary, we’re exploring best practice in modern management and the barriers that still remain for some people. As part of this, we’re pleased to share a new discussion paper on sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. We’d love to hear what you think... 

Gender pay gap

Has the gender pay gap debate made any difference? And what about the “pension gap” that affects many women? CMI East Midlands is hosting an important discussion about this on Thursday 28 April. (Here’s what best-practice gender pay gap reporting can look like.) 

CMI Bursary

The CMI Bursary will support 75 aspiring, junior or middle managers in their management and leadership development. The closing date for applications is the end of May. So if you know somebody who could benefit from up to £1,000 per year for a maximum of three years to support their development, please encourage them to apply


Finally, here are some new stories we’ve been working on for CMI members this week:

And one last thing. If you missed Tobyn Brooks’ journey from drug addiction to running his own business in your new CMI magazine, I really recommend it. It’s a tough read at times but it’s genuinely inspirational.



6 April

Hello all,

There’s an important debate opening up about the role of good management at a time of crisis and volatility.

In the Financial Times this week (requires subscription), Andrew Hill argues that in this environment management matters more than ever. He says it’s “astonishing” that so many companies don’t apply target-setting, performance reviews or even train their people properly. Instead they continue to rely on “accidental managers.”

Picking up this point, CMI’s new director of policy and external affairs Anthony Painter writes in Politics Home that “how we approach management and leadership is not just something that happens by chance, but something that we deliberately develop as a society in a whole myriad of ways.”

Gender pay and CMI Women

The latest gender pay gap figures show that women are paid 90p for every £1 earned by men. While the median gender pay gap has shrunk slightly (from 10 to 9.8%), there is clearly work still to be done. Quoted in the Guardian, CMI’s Anthony Painter pointed to the existence of a “confidence gap” that detrimentally impacts women’s pay and progression.

Gender pay is a topic that will no doubt be on the agenda at the CMI Women Conference on Thursday 19 May. Find out more here and book your ticket.

And check out this thought-provoking piece, “How many women do you work with?” that CMI released this week.

Latest magazine

Don’t miss the Spring 2022 CMI Members Magazine, where we take a deep dive into a topic that’s still taboo in many workplaces: class and how great leaders combat socio-economic bias. Read it here.

New stories for CMI members

Also, do catch CMI’s new documentary The Workplace Review!

Finally, applications are still open for the CMI Bursary that’s worth £1,000 a year for three years. More information here.

I hope you have a great week, please do share your own stories of how you’re adapting at a time of crisis. We love hearing from CMI members.



23 March

Dear all,

There’s a lot of ground to cover this week. 

Economic shockwaves

Around the world CMI members will be horrified by the scenes that we are witnessing following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As well as a humanitarian catastrophe, the war is triggering economic shockwaves that will affect CMI members directly. 

This week CMI’s new economist Bharthi Keshwara and director of policy Anthony Painter look at the steps managers should take to safeguard their business. We also offer advice on how you can support your employees through the consequent cost-of-living crisis.

In the UK, Chancellor Rishi Sunak today (23 March) announced a number of steps to mitigate rising inflation. You can read CMI’s immediate assessment of his Spring Statement here

New CMI documentary series: The Workplace in Review

We have exciting news this week. On Tuesday 22 March, UN Anti-racism Day, CMI launched its new documentary series: The Workplace in Review. This is part of our 75th anniversary initiative to research and grow awareness of the barriers that still exist to fair, inclusive workforces. 

Each episode of The Workplace in Review will focus on one of five key themes. Our goal is to understand what we can do together to bring real meaningful change and break down these barriers. First up: ethnicity and the workplace. I encourage you to find a spare 20 minutes and watch it here. Stay tuned for more episodes later in the year. 

For those of you particularly interested in ethnicity in the workplace, don’t forget to check out the free resources from Mental Health First Aid England, which is headed by CMI Race Equity committee member Simon Blake OBE CMgr CCMI. Also consider getting involved with the CMI Race Equity network yourself – find more info here.

The new CMI bursary

We are also proud to have launched our new CMI Management Bursary in March. In our 75th anniversary year, we are determined to help people overcome the barriers to entering management, including equality of opportunity. That’s why we are offering 75 inspirational managers up to £1,000 per year for up to three years towards a CMI management and leadership training course of their choice. Interested or know someone who might be? Learn more here.

Also don’t miss

Tickets are also now available for the 2022 CMI Women conference, taking place on Thursday 19 May: this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to explore how women, men and organisations can work together and break down the barriers to gender equality. Find out more and book your ticket either online or, excitingly, in person now.

I know this is a difficult time for many CMI members. If there’s anything we can do to help, please get in touch.

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9 March

Hello all,

Since the last Better Managers newsletter, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine. All of us at CMI are appalled at this act of aggression and our thoughts are with every person who has been, and continues to be, adversely affected. If you or any loved ones have been touched by this conflict, we are thinking of you.

International Women’s Day

This week we celebrated International Women’s day. Our brand-new IWD hub includes plenty of inspirational stories from the CMI community and resources to help you make further steps towards a gender-equal workplace, free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination – including this brilliant article presenting top tips from some of our Leading Lights on how to call out bias when you see it

As CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke says, our latest research on women in the workplace “make for uncomfortable reading.” Only one in five managers are proactively advocating for women in key projects and promotions. “We hear a lot from employers about the important, valuable role of women in the workplace. And though there is a lot of great work and progress, overall the figures don’t support the rhetoric,” says Ann. The topline findings were covered by FE News, Personnel Today, and HR Today

I’d also like to invite you to join us for a panel event this Thursday 10 March at 12:30pm on how women can balance the pressure of work-life balance with presence at work. Inspirational women at different stages of their careers will be discussing their tips. Book your place now. 

Plus, check out our practical toolkit, produced in collaboration with Politics Home, with useful resources and motivational case studies to help you address the gender pay gap in your organisation.

More insights

Also in the spotlight this week: Reverse mentoring – the innovative practice helping businesses gain fresh perspective and progress their ED&I objectives. First, companies including Greene King, reveal the essential ingredients to a successful reverse mentoring scheme. Plus, take a deep dive into how Compass Group UK & Ireland piloted their own reverse mentoring scheme.


Stay safe, and please let us know if we can support you.



23 February

Hi everyone,

On Monday 21 February, prime minister Boris Johnson announced the lifting of domestic Covid restrictions in England, as well as an end to access to free testing from 1 April. People with Coronavirus symptoms will no longer be required to self-isolate.

The CMI community will be digesting all this, and we’d love to hear your views. There are now different Covid regimes in place across the UK and around the world. What are the management challenges that flow from this? Please share your experiences. 

CMI setting the agenda

There’s huge, new complexity in the workplace, too. CMI’s latest Managers Voice research brings to life the management challenges of hybrid working, and was featured on the BBC this week:

  • More than eight in ten firms (84%) are continuing hybrid working
  • Over half (six in ten) say there are no expectations on the number of days employees need to work in the office
  • Where there is an expectation, this is usually for two or three days
  • More than half of senior leaders are now encouraging staff to return to the workplace.

CMI chief executive Ann Francke told the BBC that productivity and profitability are flowing from hybrid working. “We're not saying everyone should work from home 100% of the time, we're saying the best practice is to have a blend, so when you come into the office you can do those things that are very difficult to do remotely."

If you want to understand the management complexities a bit better, check out Ann’s recent article in The Times (requires subscription). The secret, Ann says, is “empathetic, proactive communication and a trusting, collaborative and supportive team environment.”

New insights

We’ve prepared some great new stories to help CMI members with “managing with Covid”:

And this is a powerful piece about how to help a colleague – or indeed yourself – to cope with grief.

Thanks for everything you do, do let us know if we can help. 

Kind regards, 



9 February

Dear all,

On 2 February, the UK government released its long-awaited Levelling Up White Paper, where it set out a series of proposals on how to spread opportunity more equally across the UK. You can read CMI’s response to the publication in this piece in Politics Home.

Responding to the White Paper, and to our own data about the impact of socio-economic background on people’s career prospects, CMI’s chief executive Ann Francke told the Financial Times: “There is so much talk about levelling up when it comes to place. But really, what we need is levelling up when it comes to people.” She urged employers to look beyond graduate schemes when it comes to recruitment, and encouraged the government to do more to help school-leavers get a foot in the door.

CMI’s research comes as part of our 75th anniversary campaign, looking at the challenges modern managers face in leading diverse and multi-faceted teams. For instance, check out our new short video about the practical steps managers can take to support team members from lower socio-economic backgrounds. And if you haven’t already seen it, catch up on our previous video looking at the challenges around ethnicity in the workplace – especially as this week is also Race Equality Week. 

National Apprenticeship Week

I hope you’ve noticed that it’s National Apprenticeship Week. At CMI, we believe that apprenticeships deserve the attention of managers of all ages and seniority. Indeed, degree apprenticeships in particular are a powerful engine of social mobility. In this hard-hitting article, Dr Stephanie Russell, course leader of the Senior Leader Apprenticeship at Anglia Ruskin University, explains how apprenticeships can underpin your business’s post-pandemic recovery.

CMI’s CEO Ann Franke OBE CMgr CCMI also featured in an exciting new digital co-production between the Association of Apprentices (AoA) and ITN Productions Industry News: ‘Apprentices: Connect, Engage and Inspire’ – a news-style programme exploring the apprenticeship landscape of the UK and the future of employment as we emerge from the pandemic. Watch her informative interview here.

Flexible working

Flexible working continues to be a top issue for managers and leaders. If your organisation is going permanently hybrid, or even permanently remote, there are some key practicalities to address, from contracts to security. Check out this article to make sure you’re covering all your bases. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences around flexible working – send us a message at to share your stories.

Also on this topic, The Guardian quoted Ann Francke recently on differing attitudes to flexible working arrangements for men versus women. We have also collaborated with Women in Advertising and Communications Leadership (WACL) to produce a Flexible First Checklist – a tool designed to help organisations check their progress on flexible working and identify any gaps. Check it out here.

Finally, don't miss our new articles this week:

Kind regards,



26 January 2022

Dear all,

It’s been a busy and productive start to the new year at CMI.

We kicked off this week by marking International Day of Education (Monday 24th). The theme for this year’s event was making education more sustainable and inclusive. As this informative article shows, education is vital to opening up the employment pipeline into management positions for marginalised groups, and it’s a big part of what we do at CMI.

To that end, in our 75th year, we’re launching a bursary scheme offering 75 inspirational people the opportunity to develop their management and leadership skills via a £1,000 annual contribution towards their training costs for up to three years. If you’d like to find out more about the bursary, register your interest here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Tuesday 25th saw the announcement of WM People’s Top Employer Awards – where we were sponsoring two prizes. The award for Best for Career Progression for Women went to McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd for their comprehensive approach, while the Best for Diversity & Inclusion award went to Financial Services Compensation Scheme, with Inmarsat highly commended as one to watch. Congratulations to all the winners! Read more about their brilliant work here.

Onto today (Wednesday): As part of our 75th Anniversary research project, we’re proud to have launched a webpage dedicated to the issue of socio-economic background and management – including research-based discussion paper, insights and resources on the topic. Make sure to take a look.

Recruitment trends

Last week, our Head of Policy Daisy Hooper was quoted in City A.M. on the subject of workers’ plans for changing jobs in 2022, after a survey claimed that up to half of employees are considering a career move this year as they search for a better work-life balance. Daisy noted that having a team member who’s considering leaving may indicate a breakdown in communication between them and the manager. 

As it looks like there could be a lot more staff movement in 2022, we’ve compiled some tips to help you make sure your recruitment processes are EDI-compliant, considering everything from gender and race to disability and social class. Do take a look if you’re trying to fill any positions.

What we’re all talking about

  • A shorter working week has been at the top of the agenda as a six-month pilot scheme gets under way in the UK. CMI research into the popularity of a four-day working week even featured in the Financial Times. Although the idea is popular, our figures show that nearly three-quarters of workers don’t expect a four-day week to catch on any time soon. We also took a look at this over on Insights, asking some business pioneers to weigh in on the issue. Read what they had to say here.
  • Another hot topic in the press recently has been trust and accountability among leaders. We asked CMI Companion Jo Owen for his view on how the trust factor affects how a leader is rated – read it here. Our CPD course this week also focuses in on solid leadership; complete three tasks to receive a digital certificate.
  • After further developments at Yorkshire Cricket Club, Yetunde Hofmann examines the leadership lessons from cricket’s racism scandal – or, how not to handle workplace racism.

In the media

One of our leading stories this week comes from Taranjeet Singh CCMI, the chair of CMI Malaysia. His moving account tells of the incredible local response to the devastating floods that hit Malaysia at the end of December and the leadership lessons to have come from it.

Also on Insights this week:

I hope you enjoy the Insights we have for you this week. Finally, for those of you celebrating Lunar New Year next week, Happy New Year!

Warm regards,



12 January 2022

Dear all,

I had promised myself I’d stop saying it by now, but Happy New Year! I hope each of you had a peaceful, restful holiday period and managed to find some time to recharge.


At CMI, we’re particularly excited about the dawn of 2022 because it means the official kick-off of our 75th anniversary year, where we investigate and celebrate what modern management means. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of new insights, events and tips throughout the year.

This new year also marks the 20th anniversary of the ‘Chartered Manager’ status and we’ll be celebrating the contribution of CMgrs in a number of ways. You may even want to put yourself forward for this year’s CMgr of the Year award – nominations close on Friday 1 April 2022 – go ahead and submit your nomination today! (Plus, meet last year’s winner Simon Cyhanko and the other shortlisted nominees here.)

What to expect in 2022

The changing nature of work will continue to be a hot topic this year – and we’ve already been participating in the discussion:

  • Daisy Hooper, our head of policy, spoke about what people had learned about how to implement and manage hybrid working as part of People Management's review of 2021.
  • CMI CEO, Ann Francke, took part in a lively panel debate as part of the Financial Times Global Boardroom series, where she discussed new working arrangements in the pandemic, noting that employers giving staff more flexibility spurred a more happy, loyal and productive workforce.
  • CMI research, undertaken exclusively for international news service Bloomberg, looked at the potential wave of job moves we'll see in 2022. See how it was reported here.

Management tips

This week’s stories also reflect on what the new ways of working mean for managers:

Plus, don’t miss:

Finally, don’t forget to snap up your tickets to our brilliant events in the next couple of weeks. On Tuesday 25 January you can look forward to Breaking barriers for women in technology and Boost your business through Help to Grow; and on Wednesday 26 January don’t miss Educate and empower: addressing the gender pay gap.

Warm regards,


Matt Roberts, Director of Membership

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